Why We Love Being ‘Boy Moms’!

A lot of our blog posts discuss the
crazy things that our boys do every day. I’m sure to most of you it seems like
we are living in insane asylums and the inmates have taken over (or maybe that’s just how I feel). A houseful of boys is like a suspense movie, you never
know exactly what is around the corner. (Of course it’s usually safe to assume
that whatever is around the corner probably smells like feet) So today we
decided we would write about all the reasons we really do love being
outnumbered. As we started writing this post we realized there are many
surprising benefits to getting to spend so much time with our boys.
1)      When
you’re a ‘boy mom’ you get to be a super hero or a villain!

Being Chased By Zombie Mom

We are not just
talking about being ‘Super Mom’ or ‘Mean Mommy’ we actually get to run around
the house wearing capes and shooting fake laser beams from our eyes and this is
surprisingly ‘super’ fun. We both grew up with sisters so we didn’t get to
pretend to be the Incredible Hulk or Spiderman when we were younger. Now we get
to run around the house ‘Hulk Smashing’ stuff or shooting silly string webs out
of our arms and we realized that we both love it! (On a side note we also turn
into the Hulk if you don’t feed us, if you drink the last of our wine, or if
you flood the toilet and don’t tell us)

Sometimes we have
to be the villain and that is one of our favorite things to do. When you play
the villain you could be asked to be anything from a zombie to a bank robber
being guarded by the sheriff in the Wild West. You have to be tough to survive
this role, because you might get attacked by Nerf guns or plastic pirate swords.
(For toys, those things kind of hurt) You have to let the hero win so he knows
good can triumph over evil but you also have to put up enough of a fight to
keep it exciting. For example, if you’re the Zombie and you catch them you can
pretend to chew on their little ears or tickle them while they giggle and try
to squirm away.  It also doesn’t hurt to
throw in a little moral dilemma every now and then. For example, what if the
bank robber just needed money to feed her kids? It can’t hurt to use play time
as a learning opportunity.

2)      When
you’re a ‘boy mom’ you don’t always have to act like a lady.

When you live in a house full of boys you don’t have to be
prim and proper all of the time. If you burp they think it’s awesome and want
to turn it into a competition. Lyndee’s sons made her an award for being the
‘biggest and baddest burper’. If my mom had burped when I was younger I
probably would have been disgusted, but not boys…they are not grossed out by
anything. Don’t worry we teach our boys manners and they know how they are
expected to act in public. (Of course they are still little works in progress so don’t
be surprised if they burp at Applebee’s and then giggle for a minute before saying
excuse me ) Sometimes in the privacy of our own homes, it’s nice to let out a
loud burp or fart and to laugh at ridiculous potty humor. There is a lot of love and
laughter in our homes.

3)      When
you’re a ‘boy mom’ you get told you are beautiful and you often get treated
like a fairy princess.

“Mom you are beautiful!”

It never ceases to amaze me that my boys will look at me
when I have absolutely no makeup on and haven’t showered in days and tell me I
am beautiful. My niece will look at me five seconds later and tell me I need to
wash my hair. When you are the only female in the house you get special
treatment because boys love their mommy’s. Our boys hate wearing pants so if we
want to have lazy days and wear our pajamas all day (or maybe two days in a
row) they don’t judge us. However, if you’re a ‘boy mom’ and you put on some
makeup and a nice dress and twirl around every person in your house will
immediately start treating you like you’re a fairy princess. Being a boy mom is
a lot like being a super model or prom queen. I still see my husband tell his
mom how beautiful she is if she happens to wear jeans without the elastic and
throws on some lipstick for a change. Boy’s have a special place in their hearts for their Mommy’s.

4)      When
you’re a ‘boy mom’ you get a lot of exercise.

Boys are pretty active. Lyndee’s boys have
martial arts classes three days a week at the local gym. Since she can’t avoid
going to a gym, she started working out when they are in class. I am now extremely
jealous of how fit and tone she looks. When you have boys you end up doing a
lot of physical activity during regular play. We do things like run, jump, duck,
and tackle all day long. That has to be burning some serious calories, right?
We just wish our fitness pal would acknowledge it as a form of exercise. Being
a ‘boy mom’ also means that you get to try a lot of activities that you never
would have thought of trying because you want to nurture your sons interests. I
know how to do a kick flip on a skate board and a double leg wrestling take
down. I think 16 year old me would be impressed with 32 year old me (well
except for that whole burping and not showering thing).

When you’re a
‘boy mom’ you get to date multiple guys.

All of My Handsome Dates

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about extramarital affairs. ‘Boy Mom’s’ get to go on dates with our husbands and with our
sons and this means we get to have a lot more fun dates than Mom’s who don’t have boys. My husband and my two
boys each have their own unique personalities and I really enjoy when I get to
spend one on one time with each of them. My husband fulfills all of my romantic
date needs, but he doesn’t like change. We always go to the same restaurant,
sit at the same table, and order the same thing. After nineteen years this
might annoy me if I didn’t have my oldest son. My 11 year old loves to go
different places and try out different types of foods. He is my adventurer. He
is down to go with me to the new Indian Restaurant and order something off of
the menu that we both can’t pronounce. He likes amusement park rides (my husband
hates them). I enjoy that I now have a ride partner. My youngest son is the
most sensitive male in my house. He is a little less alpha male then the other
two. He will take me on walks in the park (as long as at some point I push him
on the swings), he will go to plays with me and actually pay attention (if I
sneak in candy), and he shares my love for Pizza and hot wings which makes
dinner dates with him awesome.

These are just a few of the reasons we love being ‘Boy Mom’s’. We would love to here your reasons please comment below. (All the cool kids are commenting) 🙂

-T & L  –   #Lifewithboys

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4 thoughts on “Why We Love Being ‘Boy Moms’!

  • April 12, 2015 at 12:35 pm

    Couldn't agree with this more!!!! Fabulous post. I am a mom to three teenage sons and let me tell ya my dear it just gets more and more fun!!!! Keep up the good work mama and enjoy the ride!


    • April 12, 2015 at 1:03 pm

      Awe thanks! We are both a little scared about the teenage years it gives me hope that you can call them fun! 🙂


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