5 Tips To Surviving A Snow Day Boy Mom Style


What does a boy mom do when it is snowing outside? Not just snowing, but a blizzard busting stay at home snow day.  You will find me hiding in the closet with my chocolate.  However, until I reach that moment in time, there are many other tactics to keep my boys busy on a snow day.  Think Armageddon, now you are in the perfect mindset to learn how to survive the day and fend off the constant, “Mom, I’m bored”, that is said like a broken record player on repeat. Contrary to popular boy belief, you are not an entertainment monkey; you my friend are the Zookeeper.  Here are your survival tips:

Tip 1:  Snacks Are Crucial

Boys like to eat on a normal day, but when they are lounging around that is the only thought going through their brain.  I once asked my son how I could get him to stop asking me for snacks for 5 minutes so I could get a chore done.  His response was, “If you put food in my mouth, I can’t talk.” How do you argue with that? Unfortunately, the silence only lasts as long as the food lasts.

The best way I have found to give them something to do and eat, is bake together.  If you knew me, you would know that I do not use the term “baking” lightly.  For some reason I am easily distracted when baking with my boys and forget the important ingredients.  Last time we made peanut butter cookies I forgot the second cup of sugar, because we had to stop and wash my son’s hands like 17 times.  He has this need to constantly lick his fingers and then try to touch the dough.  Evidence is on our photo of the week.  Baking used to be a big stressor for me.  However, I found that they will eat whatever we make, no matter how I badly I butcher it! I figure they are learning a skill and have no idea that I am not qualified to teach them.

Tip 2:  Games Are Your Friend

Board games are great, but in comparison to my sons’ video games they lack visual brain stimulation. However, if I bust out game cards and play slap jack, both boys get a kick out of slapping my hand.   Hide and go seek is always a reliable boy game. Unfortunately my youngest has mad ninja skills and there are times where I have to send out a search party to find him.  I personally am a fan of Simon Says.  I get to sit down and they (for once in their life) actually do what I say. Plus you can say things like, “Simon says jumping jacks” and boom, they are getting their physical activity in for the day.

Tip 3: Build, Then Battle

This tip applies on a small or large scale.  Small scale is building toys like LEGO sets or army men battle ground.  Yes the little buggers are dangerous to parents who like to walk through their house barefoot, but sometimes we must sacrifice for the ones we love.  Usually it involves you hopping on one leg and muttering obscenities under your breath, but the pain goes away quickly.  On a larger scale, building an indoor fort with your kids is a lot of fun.  I personally use blanket or sheets and clothing pins to hold it together.  The fort is easy to put up, and easy bring down.  My kids enjoy using the fort as their base camp while hunting zombies, a.k.a. Mom.

Tip 4: If You Run Out Of Ideas, Get Crafty On Pinterest

As the least artistic minded person I know, Pinterest has saved me in a pinch a time or thousand.  The key is to not get sucked into the website, which is unfortunately way easy, but to actually use some of the ideas.  They have so many different activities and ideas that use things that are already common items in your house.  Our favorite is to make salt dough, which is just equal parts salt and water, then flour until it is the consistency that is not too sticky.  Look for your cookie cutters and fun utensils and my kids are entertained for at least an hour or two.

Tip 5: Can You Build A Snowman


Yes, I can! Well if I am real, he doesn’t really look like a snowman, more like a snow creature.  We are still proud of him and named him Crusher The Mighty.  My boys had a blast decorating it. Then there are snow forts, snow angels, snowball fights, okay, now I am starting to sound like Bubba Gump, but you get the point, snow is fun for everybody, including parents.

Enjoy your snow day and hopefully a nap too! #lifewithboys






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