Interview with Robin Bonswor

Robin Bonswor is the owner of Robin Bonswor Fitness. She developed a program for busy moms that want to find balance between getting themselves back and having a sense of self and raising happy, healthy families. Her program is designed for women who are short on time and have gotten into the habit of putting everyone and everything else first. It addresses the need for women to know that they are better wives, mothers, and friends when they take care of themselves and can balance the many hats that they wear. Robin’s message hits a personal tone for me. I recently got the chance to ask her a few questions .

Tell us about yourself:

I’m a wife and mom raising two boys in Orange County, California. I grew up here and attended college at Arizona State University. After eleven years as a Meetings Director for a professional association, I retired to be more available for my boys. As a family, we love cheering on our local sports teams (the Ducks and Angels), watching the Amazing Race and Survivor, and attending musicals and Christian rock concerts.

What do you do and why do you do it?

I started my fitness coaching business with Team Beachbody in August 2010 because I didn’t want to travel so much with two little boys at home. The travel was hard and I was missing time with them. Also, I am very passionate about helping other moms such as myself who also have busy lives with husbands and children, but who also need to make their health and fitness a priority.

What got you started in the fitness world?

I’ve always been into fitness and wanting to look and feel my best. I had my first gym membership as soon as I could drive myself to get there. I’ve never struggled with weight, but after having two babies I just didn’t feel good about myself and it felt nearly impossible to get back to the gym with the kids in tow. Plus being healthy became way more important once it wasn’t just about me anymore. I had seen a friend have huge success with an in-home Beachbody fitness program and it seemed like the way to go! She was helping people as a fitness coach and she helped me select my first program. I fell in love with the workout programs and the ease of not having to spend the extra time getting somewhere to get my workouts done. I saw great results. I also realized that when I got that bit of exercise time back I started to feel like me again. It’s so important for us busy moms, always caring for our families, to get a little time to feel good about ourselves. I’m a better wife, mom, daughter and friend because I feel better about myself. I felt I could help other busy mom’s get success too!

What is your current workout routine?
I wake up at least 5 days a week in the 5 o’clock hour, before anyone in the house is awake, and head to my garage. I usually follow one of the Beachbody fitness programs that include a combination of cardio and resistance training. I tend to lean toward the resistance focused programs because I love feeling like a strong mom. Occasionally, I will have one or both of my little “workout buddies” join me.

What is a daily meal plan for you like?

I usually start with a Shakeology shake (so easy to blend up and take it with me to get the boys to school). Lunch is usually leftovers from dinners during the week (turkey meatballs, chili, salads with turkey taco or fajita meat, or Costco rotisserie chicken). My favorite snacks are hard boiled eggs, cucumber tomato salad with balsamic vinegar, apples with sunflower seed butter, and a protein bar. I love protein style burgers with homemade roasted sweet potato fries or slices. My nighttime go to snack is Greek yogurt with a little Stevia and fresh berries. I do allow myself wine, just not every night ;)

What advice do you have for sticking to a workout diet plan and staying motivated?

Always remember why you are doing it. It really doesn’t matter what the why is as long as it’s important to you. For me, being a healthy example to my boys and feeling good about myself are why I do it.

What is your favorite exercise?

I love squats with a shoulder press because it’s a total body move and it gets the heart pumping.

Top 5 fitness tips:

  • Know why being fit is important to you. Keep this why somewhere that you see it –posted to the bathroom mirror, as a reminder on your phone – just somewhere so that when it gets tough, and it will, you can be reminded.
  • Set big and small goals that are also realistic. Your ultimate goal is the biggie, but it
    needs to be broken down into smaller ones that you can track and feel success. Reward yourself if you succeed, not with a binge but with a new article of clothing, a pedicure or workout shoes.
  • Have a buddy. A friend, spouse, partner, coach that you feel accountable to, that will push you when you need a push and support your success.
  • Be balanced. Being too strict will set you up for failure because it’s not sustainable. It needs to be a lifestyle not a temporary fix.
  • Give yourself a break. No one is perfect and there will be times when you slip up. That’s okay, as long as you have it in your head that you will never give up.

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