What I Learned From My First Yoga Class

A friend of mine suggested that we try hot yoga. I had done yoga via YouTube, but never at a studio. I like to workout at home, because I feel self-conscious when I work out in front of other people. Since I needed friendly motivation, I reluctantly agreed to go.

I came in with pre-conceived notions that everyone was going to have hot yoga bodies and judgy faces. I couldn’t have been more wrong. There were people of all shapes and sizes. They all had different skill levels and there were even a few other beginners like me. You have to focus very hard on yourself during class, so there is no time to judge others. Seriously you are purely in survival mode the first time. I enjoyed the teacher and she provided me with gentle guidance to get the most out of my postures. No embarrassment, no judgment, only growth. It was definitely challenging but I also learned a few things about myself along the way.

It Is Meditative To Breath Like You Have A Snoring Condition

The beginning of class starts with funky breathing where I had to breath in like I was snoring and exhale for 6 seconds while making a ha sound. It was weird at first and then I had fun with it. The breathing helped me to get focused and start to clear all of the chatter in my brain. Plus all of that extra oxygen to my muscles and I was ready to do this thing. Turns out I only mind snoring if my husband is doing it.

 I Thought I Liked Heat

I love the sun and hot summer days. I love almost scalding baths and showers. I however did not love at first working out in a room that averages 105 degrees and 40% humidity. I thought I was dying the first time. Picture yourself working out in a hot sauna for an hour and a half. Sound fun?  Also, you are not supposed to wipe off your sweat, because it cools you down. I had to mentally slap my own hands throughout the class.

 I Have Issues with Stillness

In between the postures you are suppose to come to a place of rest where you relax and have no movement. Hahahahaha. Yeah right! I am a mom. Sitting still is NOT an option. I am trained in the art of never stopping. I am either doing as much as I can possibly do at once or I am comatose. So I fidgeted, a lot. It takes more mental will power to stand or lay still, then to move.  I am working on it, because if I relax I can finally listen to my body. As you can imagine, it has lots to say.

I Have No Patience

I am working on that, like every day. If I rushed through the postures like I do my life, I miss out on the experience. Being present in the moment and patience are key to being able to complete the poses. I can learn though, right?!

My Body Has A Mind Of IT’S Own

I am pretty sure if my body could have spoken during that first class it would be like, “girl please, I do not flex that way!”  It was probably because I was being impatient (see previous paragraph). At one point I was concerned I had a stroke because one side of my body could do things the other side refused to. The yoga teacher said that each class is a journey and your body will be different every class. So I put my hypochondriac personality aside and accepted this was me today. Tomorrow will be different, hopefully.

I started going at least once a week and my joints are starting to thank me. I have even learned to relax and enjoy the stillness. Who knew?


Lyndee is Haden and Ryland’s mom. She has been married to her husband Matt for ten years. She has a bachelor’s of science degree and works as a Respiratory Therapist during the day. At night she moonlights as Superwoman. She is very fluent in sarcasm and can burn toast with the best of them.

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