The Dreaded Instrument

“Mom, I want to play in the band”, my twelve year old said as he excitedly waved the sign up form in front of my face. My mind went straight to thoughts of his recorder. His fifth grade class had learned songs on the recorder for their music program. He had spent several hours during the year playing music that sounded like someone was killing some sort of rabid feral animal. I considered saying no. I looked at the flyer, it said that there would be an open house for the music department. I begrudgingly decided to go. When we arrived he wandered excitedly around the room looking at all of the instruments. I looked at the information that explained all of the reasons why it is good for children to learn to play instruments. Music is a universal language. Learning to play an instrument stimulates the brain and improves the memory. It can help children and teens socially. Learning to play music builds confidence and teaches patience and discipline. After reading all of this, I agreed to let him join the band and he picked out an alto saxophone. He has been playing for about six months now. I have to admit that it was hard to hear him play at first. His saxophone screeched with every wrong note. Now I feel pride each time I hear him improve. My only regret is that I bought the first Saxophone we found available and I didn’t look on the internet for discount musical instruments. I don’t regret allowing him to play at all.


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Tiffany O’Connor is a mom to two amazing, energetic, and fearless boys. She is married to her high school sweet heart and has three college degrees. Her hobbies include watching TV shows about zombies, hiding in her hot tub with a bottle of champagne, and writing all about her misadventures parenting in a “man cave” at #Lifewithboys.

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