I’m Not Going To Tell You It Was Easy, but It Was Worth It!

I literally woke up one day as Girl “A” and decided I wanted to become Girl “B”. It didn’t happen overnight and I’m not going to tell you that it was easy – but it sure in the hell was worth it!
Girl “A” was in her 30’s just going through the motions. Sure her family made her happy and she loved being a mom above all things, but she wasn’t happy with the skin she was in. Honestly, I was being downright mean to my body and that only serves to make us feel bad. I had no energy, no self-control and didn’t believe that I had the time as a busy mom of four to take care of myself. So there I sat on the back burner. I saw others that did find a way to take care of themselves, to work out, and learn how to eat better. I saw my friends get toned arms and get rid of the bloat. I WANTED THAT! I wanted my clothes in my closet to fit, I didn’t want to be disgusted with myself when it was time to get dressed.

So Girl “B” in her 40’s did something unconventional at the time. She started drinking some silly shake that she thought was too expensive, she pressed play every day for 30 minutes, and she learned some new recipes and life hacks to being organized with healthy foods. This girl started to feel better from the inside, she gained confidence, strength and BELIEF in herself because her coach Erin Young knew she could do it. Because the women in her support group that she surrounded herself with motivated and inspired her! This girl decided she was finally worth it and her family deserved a better mom and wife!

So now I show up for myself each and every day, because I feel better when I do! I am fueling my body to fight disease, not feed a disease for the future. I show up every day for my peeps – I am their coach and I will be their example! Truth is, they motivate me to be a better person!

Are you ready to wake up? I’d love to help you become your own version of Girl “B”? It’s not going to be easy, but I sure do know that it is worth it!








Jenny Fellows is a mom to four amazing, energetic, and fearless kids ranging in age from 8-19. She is married to her hubby of 24 years. Her hobbies include PTO treasurer, room mom at the elementary, fitness, healthy recipes, cheer mom, dance mom, soccer mom, baseball mom, basketball mom – I think you get the idea! She loves helping others achieve their goals in health/fitness and helping others live a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life! Connect with her on Facebook – www.facebook.com/jennyfellowsfitness, Instagram – @jennyfellowsfitness, or her website www.beachbodycoach.com/jennyfellows

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