Little boys love their mamas

My 7 year old son came storming up the steps to the house today after getting off the bus from school.  A little person full of fury and indignation toting a star wars backpack.  I opened the door to prevent a potential door slamming episode and let him inside.  He began throwing his gloves and coat on the floor with great force and his face was bright red with emotion.

I asked, “What happened today that has made you so upset?”

My son replied, “Someone said your mom sucks!”

“Well how do you feel about that, do you think I suck?”I asked.

“NO! I told him you do NOT suck and to stop it!” He tells me fiercely.

“As long as you think I am a good mom and you know I love you, that is all that matters to me.  There is nothing anyone else can say that will matter more than how you feel about me. Besides, how can a little boy I never met know if I suck or not.” I tell him while comforting him with a hug.

My sweet little defender with big tears in his eyes . I watch my words sink in.  He starts to control his emotions, pushing aside the hurt and anger.

He gives me a big squeeze hug and says, “I love you!”

Trying not to cry I replied, “I love you too.”

After sending him off to get his after school snack, I sat down a little stunned that he was so upset over a few words.  Then it warmed my heart to know that I was that important to him.  He will always be my biggest defender and I will always be his. We are a team, little man and I.

Little boys really do love their mamas!


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