Five Tips to Stay on Track when #MomLife Gets Crazy!

The kids are going bonkers, the house is a disaster, you can’t remember your own name and you’ve downed a package of Girl Scout cookies to deal with everything…

You’re thinking to yourself how you’re going to get everything pulled together, what dinner is going to be and oh yeah, you said you were going to work out and eat healthy today! #hidetheemptycookiebox

Does this sound familiar?

If you’ve answered “HECK YES” then we need to be best friends. If not, then either your life is perfect OR you’re a legit superhero. Teach me your ways!

We’ve all been there. It happens! That’s what life with kids is like and especially #lifewithboys.

Over the past three years, I’ve come up with tips and tricks to help myself stay on track. These tips are exactly what I tell my clients. They’ve helped me finally lose the baby weight, eat right and balance fitness with working full time as a middle school science teacher, being a wife, tutoring, being an adjunct professor, and taking care of three kids (ages 5, 4 and 4 months).

Are you ready to take back control? Here are my top five tips to stay on track when #momlife gets crazy!

1. Find your why.
2. Get a game plan.
3. Quick fixes DON’T work!
4. Learn to laugh at yourself!
5. Support is KEY!

Find your why.
What is your ‘why’? It’s your motivator. Your reason for getting out of bed. Your push to get it done. It should be something that fuels you to keep going when all you want to do it hit up those cookies again. To find out what your why is, ask yourself the following questions and write your answers down. Yes, write them down!!

1. What do you want to accomplish in terms of your health/fitness. Lose weight? More energy? Skinny jeans? Confidence? Get rid of that sweet tooth?
2. What has held you back in the past from reaching this goal?
3. What are you sick and tired of feeling like? This should get you fired up. It’s NOT a pity party…it’s a motivator. For instance, I’m sick and tired of feeling exhausted and stuck. I’m done with being controlled by my sugar cravings. I’m over feeling flabby and blah about myself.
4. How will you feel when you reach that goal? Physically? Emotionally? Mentally? Go deep here…this should be more than a 1-2 sentence answer!
5. How will your life be different when you reach that goal?

In my monthly programs, we talk about our why and it does help keep you motivated! If you are honest with yourself in answering these questions, you will have a solid foundation to get back on the fitness and health bandwagon. The feelings these questions bring up will drive you through those crazy days to keep pushing and put the box of cookies down!

Get a game plan.
Now that you have your ‘why’, it’s time to get a game plan on how to accomplish your goals. Are you ready to jump right in or make small changes over time? Start by planning out your food each day. At first, start with one meal to make healthier…like dinner. Then go on to the others. You won’t be as overwhelmed!

Make healthy swaps. Ditch the processed sugar and processed foods as much as you can. Eighty -percent of weight loss comes from what you eat! Have you ever heard “You can’t out work a bad diet”? That’s true!

Real-talk here: I’m a mom. We still have goldfish crackers, cookies, fruit loops and pretzel sticks in the house. I get it. But, we just limit these things a lot more and make healthier swaps. It won’t happen overnight for your kids (or husband!)….but at least start with you! Lead by example, keep offering and they will eventually come around. Some days are better than others!

For workouts, these need to be scheduled too. Schedule them into your day like it was a doctor’s appointment or a meeting. Sometimes that means waking up 30 minutes before the kids or doing it while the baby naps. Get the kids involved and go for a walk together, put in a fitness DVD and make it a fun competition. I work out from home using specific programs and most days, my boys love to workout with me. Or, they yell at me to use heavier weights and do the move right!

Quick fixes DON’T work.
I know we would LOVE that to be true…but they don’t. There is SO much on the market these days between diet pills (scary), wraps, fitness gear, diet foods, low-fat, no carb, high-protein… AHHHH! None of these options will give you long-term weight loss or are particularly good for your body.

So, what does work??

Hard work, eating healthier and clean foods, drinking enough water, portion control, cardio and weight training, foods high in nutrients. Sustaining a healthy lifestyle works!

The best part about what really works? Our kids, our future, are seeing what HEALTH looks like. They are LEARNING how to be healthy, how to eat right and how to love fitness. They aren’t seeing mommy go on yet another diet and complain about herself they won’t pick up on negative self-talk and body shaming. Instead of our kids seeing themselves as unhappy and frustrated, they will see themselves as strong and happy. We can show them HOW to be healthy and how to LOVE themselves! What an amazing gift we have to pass on to them!

Learn to Laugh at Yourself
This is so important! There will be days where you’re 100% on track. You’ve got this mom thing down, you’re eating right and you’re working out. Then, there are those days where the baby explodes her diaper, the boys are fighting over who gets to dig the worm out of the garden, and you hide in the pantry eating the last ice cream cone. #wortheverybite

Does that mean you give up totally? Quit this whole being healthy business? Nope! You revisit your why and laugh (or cry, but get back to laughing eventually!) This is life. It’s going to get in the way. It’ll get messy and silly and frustrating. But it’ll get better. Don’t take yourself so seriously, enjoy that ice cream cone and get back at it tomorrow!

Support is KEY!
It’s never easy to embark on a new journey alone. Whether it be a cross-country trip, motherhood (hello, that’s why there’s so many Facebook groups), or moving to a new town. The same goes for fitness and nutrition. Why go it alone when there are people out there that can help (cough, cough, me!)? Get a fitness buddy! Or an online fitness group to cheer you on!

There is truly something to be said about how you feel when you are in a group of supportive and motivating women who want you to succeed. Think of those awesome mom groups where there isn’t any drama and everyone really wants to help. Getting warm and fuzzies yet?

I run a group just like that but for fitness and health! I love that it keeps me accountable, I feel safe to post about my caramel-de-lites-cookie-binges and I LOVE seeing the successes of the other members. We post when we have awesome days and we post when we have *those* days. No one feels judged, no one pities themselves, and we all go by that mindset of “tomorrow is a new day”. When a group of women support and lift one another up, amazing things can happen!

Can you see this being something you could fit in your life? Are you ready to take that next step? I’d love to hear how these tips helped you! Feel free to email me your successes at or find me on Facebook (!









Bethany Crahen is a wife, mom of 3, teacher, health and fitness coach and fancy sock fanatic. After finally finding a program that worked and that she could stick with, she dropped 2 dress sizes, maintained a fit and healthy pregnancy and kept her results while chasing after three kids. She works with busy moms who want to lose that stubborn baby weight, feel crazy confident in their own skin, and see amazing long-lasting results for the first time in their lives. Connect with her free Facebook community here (! Find her on Facebook ( and visit for more tips, recipes, support, and upcoming programs!

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