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After the first few months of being a boy mom, we realized that raising boys was going to be extremely difficult. Being the only female in a house full of males is like deciding one day to move to a foreign country. You read all of the books about your new home and you feel prepared. Then you get there and it becomes painfully obvious that you don’t understand the culture, you can’t speak the language, and your interpreter is drunk. This website was created after several glasses of wine, to be the ‘unofficial guide to surviving life with boys’. It’s a community where we can share our experiences with each other. A place where you can go when you have a newborn baby boy and need to learn how to perfect the “pee pee tee pee” or when you have a teen boy and you have to have the dreaded “talk”. This is a place where we can vent, laugh, and maybe learn a little bit about how to navigate the ‘man cave’ we live in.

Welcome to #Lifewithboys!


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